A Glimpse.

Normally, introductions start off with a name, but… that should be fairly obvious. Yes, my name is Lindsey. While I like my name, I dislike the fact that there are about 5938 ways to spell it. There are very few names in the English language that have as many variations as mine. In fact, I get excited when someone actually spells it right without asking me and on the first try. Clearly L-i-n-d-s-e-y is the correct way to spell it. (Just kidding, Lindsay/Lyndsey/Lindsy/Lindsie’s… I love you all.)

I’m currently 33 and live in Minnesota’s capitol city. I’ve lived in a handful of states in both the midwest and the southwest. Mental health condition aside, my favorite place that I have resided is Sin City itself, and it has nothing to do with the casinos. I loved the way the Strip looked with the mountains as the backdrop. The weather wasn’t bad, either. It also gave me a sense of pride to live in a city that was a hundred percent unique.

I decided to start a blog for several reasons. One, I love to write. Two, in the hope that someone stumbles across one of my (upcoming) mental health posts and it helps them in some way. Three, because I have always wanted to.

While I am going to try to write as many mental health topics as I can, also expect to see posts about things I nerd out over (believe me, the list is endless), daily life, and even a picture post now and then. This is my corner of the web, after all. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂



  1. livementallywell

    I can’t wait to read more of ur blog. Your reasons for blogging are similar to mine. My name Brandy can be spelled many ways. However, it’s spelled like my father’s fav drink lol. Also I live in Wisconsin. Used to work in the Twin Cities.

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