Mental Health App Review: Daylio

A free app that I find extremely helpful for my mental health is called Daylio, which can be found both in Google Play and in the App Store. Before I go any farther, the ONLY complaint I have about this app is there is not a corresponding website. But believe me, it is a small con compared to the many pros.

I have an iPhone, so my screenshots will be from my device. The Android app might look a little different aesthetically, but the core components are still the same. This app is user friendly and self explanatory, but if you wanted to be walked through it before downloading it for yourself, or just learn more about what this app does, then this post is for you.

Since I have had the app for many months, I am unsure what the initial setup looks like, so I apologize for that. If I recall correctly, there is little if any “setup” required; once you install the app it takes you right into it. There may be a tutorial of some sort showing you around, I do not remember.

The main screen will show the Entries for the current month you are in. I took these first few screenshots on November 1st before I had entered anything, so that is why it looks blank. But here it will show you, for each day you log an entry, what your mood was and the activities you did that day. At the end of the month, it compiles a nice little chart for you as well as ways to find out how often you did certain activities.


Tap the Stats and it will bring you here. At the top is your handy tracker showing you how many days you have logged an entry in a row. Underneath is the monthly mood chart. It will show you, in a half circle type of pie chart, how many days that month you were in certain moods. There are other monthly stats if you scroll down, such as what activities you used the most, and even a way to see when you were a certain mood what activities most often corresponded with them. I don’t look at those much, to be honest.


When you tap the Plus in the middle, that is how you log your entry for the day. You can log for that day, the day before, or any previous days you may have missed.

This is what it will ask you first. Select a mood and it’ll automatically bring you to the rest of the entry details to fill in (if you select the wrong one, you can go fix it later).

Tapping the Calendar brings you to this screen. Each day you log a mood, a circle will surround the date with the color of that mood. It is a nice way to view how your moods have changed from day to day, the length of your ups and downs, etc.

More will bring you to your settings. You can set a reminder to log an entry every day. There is also the option to edit the names of the moods; I believe I changed all of them so I’m not sure what they were originally. You can also add additional moods as well. Activities that come with the app are very basic, and I totally customized mine to be DBT Skills (more about DBT in another blog). But there is quite a good list to start with; if you wanted to make your own there are a lot of cute icons to choose from if you’re into that kind of thing.

Here is what the moods screen looks like. I think Happy is the only one I kept as is. I added the two at the bottom.

And that is basically it! I hope this was a thorough enough walkthrough of Daylio to give you an idea of how simple yet useful this app can be. The statistics have been very helpful, when I’ve written notes in my entries, to find out what triggers certain moods as well as trends. I’ve used it obediently since the end of April when I downloaded it. I never miss a day. I find it one of my most used and most loved apps on my phone.

If you have any questions about the app, drop a comment! If you do decide to download it, my hope is that you find it useful, too! xo


  1. Dan Recio

    I’ve been using the Daylio for a couple months now and I love it. It helped me discover what activities most improve my mood. So, I’m having a crummy day, I know that if I get at least these couple things done, it will get better. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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