The 4 Staten Island Guys Worth Watching

Picutres of me (and my cabinmate Tracey) from the Impractical Jokers Cruise in 2017.

Around 6 years ago, I was flipping channels with my dad at my parents’ house. We stopped on truTV, where a bunch of dudes we didn’t recognize were seemingly messing with people in a frozen yogurt shop. One guy was in said shop and his costars were giving him embarrassing and/or funny things to do to humiliate himself and/or make him uncomfortable. My dad and I couldn’t stop laughing. At the next commercial break, we found out that the show was called Impractical Jokers, and little did I know it would become a huge part of my life.

The basic idea of the show is the four of them – Sal, Q, Joe, and Murr – compete with each other. So the other three are trying to get the fourth guy to lose. The “loser” at the end has to go through an elaborate punishment that, per their contract, they can’t refuse.

So, for the next couple of years, I watched the show weekly when it aired. It never failed to make me laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine when you’re in the middle of a depressive slump and emotion of any kind is hard to come by. 

Three years ago, I decided to bite the bullet and pay to see them when they came to town. I even thought it would be fun to meet them, so I paid for the upgrade to head backstage after the show. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Since then, I have been on their sponsored cruise, signed up for their next one coming in February, seen them nearly a dozen times and developed a familiarity with at least three quarters of them (I’m still pretty convinced Murr has no idea who I am). I have grown to love all four of them for individual reasons that reflect the kind of men they are.

The show is on its seventh season now, and, I know I am biased, but it is still good. They still come up with new material and put a creative twist on fan favorites. In a way I actually think their show gets better with time, not the other way around.

I think what makes their show so successful is that it’s THEIR show. It was their idea from the beginning, and they still play a huge role and have the final say in every creative decision the show makes. Q, Sal, Joe, and Murr have also been extremely good friends since they were kids. Their chemistry and their love for each other shows in all that they do. 

Other countries and other groups of people have tried to duplicate their formula and it simply doesn’t work as well, if at all. When it comes to the Impractical Jokers, there really is only one.

Season one is on Netflix, the entire collection is on Hulu, and it airs weekly on Thursdays on TruTV. If you see Impractical Jokers as an option, I strongly suggest you check them out if you haven’t before. I assure you you won’t regret it.


  • “Who Arted”, S1 EP8
  • “Psychotic Not-Line”, S2 EP9
  • “Nationals Disaster”, S3 EP4
  • “Welcome to Miami”, S4 EP1
  • “Whose Phone Is Ringing?”, S5 EP11
  • “Vampire Weakened”, S6 EP5 (Note: this may be my favorite ending to an episode ever)
  • “Hump Day”, S7 EP20 (Note: there are more episodes left of this season, this is my favorite so far)

If you tried the show out because of this post, let me know! If you are already a fan, let me know! xo


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