My Five Favorite Marvel Superheroes

Before I reveal my list, I have a bit of a confession to make. I have yet to dive into the comic book universe. I have read quite a few Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man comics, but the sheer number of series intimidates me. My list is almost purely based off of the movies, of which I have seen (almost) all of them.

1. Iron Man / Tony Stark

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See, it’s like this. I love RDJ. Because of this, Iron Man (1) was the first Marvel movie I ever saw. I wanted to watch it solely for him, but I fell in LOVE with Tony and Iron Man. Who doesn’t love all of his gadgets?! That suit is legit as hell. My favorite DC superhero is Batman, and there are definite similarities between Tony and Bruce. I guess I like smart, rich boys with a lot of gadgets. But because Iron Man opened my eyes to the entire Marvel Universe, he’ll always be my favorite.

2. Captain America / Steve Rodgers

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You know, maybe a year ago or so, Cap wouldn’t have even made my list. But the more I got to thinking about it and Steve, I realized how much I truly loved him. I had to specify that my favorite is Steve because, spoiler (Chris Evans came out and said this, it’s not really a secret), Steve dies and rumor has it Bucky aka the Winter Soldier is going to be the new Captain America. I think if I watch Civil War and Winter Soldier with a more open mind, I would like Bucky more. As of right now I just can’t stand that character (that has nothing to do with Sebastian Stan!). I love Steve because he is so pure. His bravery and integrity are unmatched. Plus, who doesn’t love that shield?? His weakness, I think, is Bucky, but their relationship spans decades, so I can’t really blame him. I adore the backstory as well; Captain America: The First Avenger makes my top 5 favorite Marvel films, which I’ll post in the future!

3. Star-Lord / Peter Quill

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Star-Lord is also on this list for some of the same reasons Captain America is — his personality attributes. For Star-Lord, they just make him so lovable (and hilarious). Guardians of the Galaxy movies are, in my opinion, the best written Marvel movies of all time. They’re both hysterical. Since Star-Lord leads the Guardians, he had to make the list. Plus, he has the best taste in music of anyone in the galaxy. And, let’s face it (and those who know me were waiting for this part), I really love Chris Pratt. But I swear he doesn’t just make my list because he’s hot. Maybe.

4. Doctor Strange

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He’s a surgeon turned badass magician? The end? Vincent Strange’s origin story is so raw and complex, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by it. Also, this dude can cast spells, has a bunch of awesome artifacts that do super cool stuff, and he can teleport people. Oh, and he’s trained in a bunch of martial arts. Oh, and he can basically repel dark magic. Oh, and he (spoiler) saves Tony in Infinity Wars. Oh, and five hundred other things I didn’t list. His origin story combined with his superpowers should make this guy appear on anyone’s favorites list. He is just so entertaining to watch.

5. Spider-Man / Tom Holland

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Yes, I know Spider-Man’s name is Peter Parker. I specified the actor who plays the most recent Spidey because I think Mr. Holland absolutely kills the role. He brought Spider-Man back to his roots, I think — high school kid confused with his powers. I think he does a fantastic job with the character, and really turned me on to Spider-Man more than I had been before. I used to think he was slightly lame, but not anymore. Tom makes Spidey pretty darn cool. A large reason why I love him is his admiration for and his relationship with Tony Stark (surprised?). I mean he designed his suit! How cool is that?! I really can’t wait to see Tom in more Marvel films.

So there you have it! My five favorite Marvel characters. Agree? Disagree? Let me know! 

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  1. livalind

    Would you mind if I made my own list for my blog. I’d like to tag your post too. Pretty pleeeaase. 🤩🤪🤓 Fuck I’m geeking out right now.
    And YES! The gadgets are too cool!

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