LUSH products I love!

All natural. No animal testing. Everything you could want for your bathroom routine. That’s Lush Cosmetics in a nutshell.

I discovered Lush several years ago. I had walked by the store dozens of times before I finally went in to see what it was about. I got the sales pitch from an adorable employee who showed me several products. I was blown away by how lovely my skin felt that I was instantly hooked. So here are some of the products I’ve tried and love.

Bath Bomb

Hydrating, nourishing, soothing. That is the description on the site and it fits this bath bomb perfectly. Don’t know how bath bombs work? Simply fill your bath with hot water and drop it in! It “explodes” and is really fun to watch. They have a huge array of bath bombs and I have only tried a few, but I picked this one because it leaves your skin feeling unbelievably refreshed and smooth. The main natural ingredient is avocado, which you could have guessed.


Like bath bombs, Lush has a wide variety of soaps with different textures and scents. I’ve tried a few, and I prefer this one. I prefer citrus fragrances, especially for morning showers. I find citrus rejuvenating and this soap gives my skin a little buzz. The main natural ingredient in this soap is fresh organic lemon juice.

Shower Gel

Continuing with the citrus theme, this is my preferred shower gel. The main natural ingredient is grapefruit juice and I just love the scent.

Shower Jelly

This is one of my favorite items on my list; maybe my second favorite. I was in Lush one day looking for something else when a salesperson brought shower jellies to my attention. I thought it seemed bizarre but I bought one anyway. It’s a replacement to shower gel in liquid form. I find that shower jellies last WAY longer. You get it wet and lather it on your skin like a bar of soap. I absolutely love it. Shockingly, the main natural ingredient in this product is grapefruit juice, too.


My hair isn’t necessarily damaged, but I like the scent of this shampoo the best out of the ones I’ve sampled. The main natural ingredient in Rehab is pineapple juice.


This conditioner makes my hair feel so soft and smooth! I think it’s the almond milk. I absolutely adore it. It has a nice, subtle, floral smell. The main natural ingredient is rose water.

Face Serum

If you want your face flawlessly smooth, you need to buy a bar of Full of Grace. I use this after a shower and it makes you feel like a million dollars. I can’t talk this product up enough. There are a lot of great natural ingredients in this one; the main one is Portobello mushrooms.

Face Mask

Their facemasks are amazing. They’ve “live” and are kept in refrigerators in the store. I love that they are chilled though, especially when I use them in the summertime; so soothing. I have tried the majority of their face masks and I like this one the best. I love the scent of roses that radiate from this formula; the main natural ingredient in Rosy Cheeks is, not surprisingly, rose oil.

Lip Scrub

I love using their lip scrubs before putting on lipstick. The best part about their scrubs, aside from making my lips really smooth and moisturized, is that they’re edible! Bubblegum tastes the best, in my opinion, so this is the one I’d recommend. You just apply a generous amount of the scrub on your lips and then lick it off. I love it.

Shaving Cream

I will say I am not the hugest fan of the fragrance of D’Fluff. I do love strawberries, but something about this scent bugs me. That being said, this stuff is AMAZING. Shaving with this stuff is truly a game changer. It leaves your skin so moisturized and smooth. The main natural ingredient is fresh strawberries.

Toothy Tabs

We all grew up on toothpaste, so it was strange to imagine teeth brushing including anything else. Lush’s toothy tabs are awesome. What you do is put a couple of tabs in between your teeth and chew them softly, then take your wet toothbrush and brush your teeth with the lather that forms. Trust me on this: they’re awesome. Not surprisingly, I like the citrus-y taste the best. The main natural ingredient is lemon oil.

Body Lotion

You may have heard of Sleepy products from Lush. They’re all the rage. I have sleep issues and had heard good things about this lotion. I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle formula that makes me instantly pass out, but I love the fragrance. It is certainly relaxing when I put it on before bed. It is heavily lavender based, but the main natural ingredient is almond oil.

Body Butter

I’m not sure I’m the hugest fan of this scent either; it smells a bit like buttered popcorn. But, again, I highly recommend this stuff. I use this at the end of my shower on wet skin. I gently massage it into my skin and then rinse it off. It leaves your skin so smooth!! The main natural ingredient is crushed almonds.

Deodorant Bar

I definitely have overactive sweat glands which is, you know… barrels of fun. This deodorant bar works really well! The main ingredient is tea tree oil. Whatever magic is in this formula keeps your skin dry and odorless all day. This was by far my favorite Lush product … until I discovered the one below.

Deodorant Powder

As I just said, I have issues with my sweat glands. I love the deodorant bar T’eo, but I decided to try their deodorant powder. I think it works even better. It has a very clean, subtle, herbal scent and keeps my underarms dry all day. I love every product I’ve mentioned in this post, but I recommend this 150%. Tea tree oil is also the main natural ingredient in The Greeench.

So there you have it. My extensive list of Lush products I’ve used and loved. Do you currently use any of these, too? Are you thinking of trying one of them out? Let me know in the comments!

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