December Highs & Favorites

I can’t believe I am already writing my December post! Also, I wanted to point out a lot of my highs are things I am going to choose to keep pretty vague and even private this time around. 😉


At the start of this month, I really got back into Uber. Driving for it, that is. I will probably write a post in which I go into more detail about why I love Uber and why it is such a good job for me. But maintaining a schedule and earning money on a consist basis feels really good again.

Pinstripes: Edina, MN

image from FCL builders

On the 6th, I went on a second date with my now boyfriend to a place called Pinstripes. It is a nice restaurant with bowling allies and bocce ball. Not only that, but there is a huge outdoor area. It was a particularly cold night (single digits), but magically, standing out by that fire pit felt amazing! Oh, and I beat him best out of 3 at bocce. If we had bowled it would have been a different story, but the most important thing is I won!

Christmas Brunch

On the 8th, I went to my friend Christine’s house for a girls brunch. She made this awesome egg, ham, and broccoli bake. My bestie Jenna was also there, and I got to meet a couple other awesome ladies that Christine has been friends with for a long time. We ate, talked, doted on her adorable cats, and made candles. It was such a fun time.

Gopher Basketball Game

That same day, I went with my boyfriend (we’ll just call him M from here on out) to an University of Minnesota basketball game. I try to go to at least one a year. I am a proud alum and absolutely love going to games at Williams Arena (aka The Barn). My favorite player (Jordan Murphy) didn’t play super well, but we did win, so that was great.

Gingerbread Party

On the 14th, I went to a Christmas Party and a Gingerbread House making contest with M. I was able to meet a lot of his friends, which was nervewracking but fun. We participated in the gingerbread house making. I’d be lying if I said our creation looked anything like a house; it was more of a dilapidated rectangular building. We were proud to enter it into the worst gingerbread house category. For some reason we didn’t win and demanded a recount but to no avail.

The Mule

On the 17th, I went to see The Mule with my mom. I wanted to see it because Bradley Cooper was in it, but her and I ended up liking it a lot more than we thought we would. Clint Eastwood should be nominated for an Oscar for this role; he does a phenomenal job. As the trailers show, he’s a drug mule, which basically means he’s a horrible person. But he’s a VERY lovable horrible person. That is a testament to good acting and good writing.

Family Time

From the 21-25th, my parents were in town from Nebraska for Christmas. We played a lot of games, including one I had never played called Anomia. It is sort of hard to explain but it is a very fun party game; I’d highly recommend it. I also bought a game for my brother’s girlfriend called Pictomania that was another fun party game. Aside from games, we went out to eat, watched football, went to the Minnesota Science Museum, and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

Timberwolves Game

On the 28th, I went to the Timberwolves game as a double date with M, his best friend, and her now fiance. It was a horrible game but it was still an awesome time. If you can’t tell already, I love sports, and it’s always exciting getting to see a professional one. A public thanks to M’s mom for giving us the tickets!

Speakeasy New Years Eve

Last but not least, I rang in the new year at a Speakeasy/20’s themed dance in a gorgeous ballroom. A lot of M’s friends that were there were people I already met, so that was comforting. It was a lot of fun to see so many people dressed in theme, and it was exciting to get to wear a dress and tights for the first time in forever, too. I danced, I had a few alcoholic beverages, I toasted and kissed M at midnight, and ended my 2018 and started my 2019 wonderfully. Happy New Year to you all, too!

December Tunes

Five Finger Death Punch is still on the list; I listen to them a lot as I get psyched up for my first Uber passenger of the day. 99% of the Backstreet Boys plays is their new song Chances because it is so good. Prof is a local rapper that everyone should know. Seriously, check him out. I discovered him at the beginning of December and I am obsessed. xo

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