Why I love driving for Uber

I get to meet a lot of people.

Each ride is a new set of passengers with a unique story and a particular destination. I try to strike up conversations with my passengers, and most are receptive. I can safely say I have learned something from each and every one of them. The other day I drove for a guy who works for the company who makes Smart Boards (teachers and parents know what those are), and once I drove for a guy who was a cross country skier. You just never know who’s going to get in your car, and I like that.

Every day is different.

It isn’t a 9 to 5 job. It can sort of mimic one if you work the same hours every day, but you won’t start and end at the exact same time. You will probably have a different number of riders, and you won’t make the same amount. You will certainly drive to different destinations. Some days I go from the airport to downtown Minneapolis; other days I drive around in the suburbs getting rides. I’ve always liked jobs that bring spontaneity to the table.

I’m providing a service for people.

I’ve always sought out jobs that help people in some way. In this case, I’m transporting people from one place to another who doesn’t have their own car available to them for whatever reason. I am helping them get to the hospital, or to their parents, or to school. I literally have people’s lives in my hands as I get them there safely, and it’s something I take very seriously. I am honored to be their driver for the short amount of time that they’re in my vehicle.

Promotions and incentives motivate me.

Uber offers a lot of incentives for me to get out there and drive. For example, it may be a bonus for any rides that you do between a certain time frame. Or, it may be a bonus for a number of rides that you do during the week. Whatever it is, if it fits into the days and times that I drive (mainly 7 or 8-6 on weekdays), I always strive to hit it. Extra money is extra money! And of course if they don’t have actual promotions through the app, there are surge areas and surge pricing that elevate your rate due to the demand.

I get to explore my city.

I live in the Twin Cities, and it’s fun to get to drive around the metro area and discovering new neighborhoods and landmarks every day.

It’s a good fit for my situation.

A regular 9-5 job with a boss and expectations is an incredible source of anxiety for me. I am a perfectionist that mainly sets unrealistic expectations on myself, but it is self sabotaging in most work environments. I am able to go out and drive and turn on my Uber app when I want to; when I feel up to it. And if I’m having a bad day or I have a migraine or for any number of reasons — if I don’t feel I would do a superb job driving at that moment, I don’t. I can make up the time later or the next day. That freedom is huge for people who have mental illness like myself.

I love my car.

I love driving and I love my car! I wouldn’t want this job if I didn’t enjoy driving. I used to just drive loops around the city to clear my head, wasting a lot of gas and not getting paid for it. I still find driving to be therapeutic; a little less so when I have passengers in my care because it is serious business. But getting to drive around all day gets me out of my apartment and my headspace and it’s a wonderful thing.

There you have it! The main reasons why I love my job! If anyone is considering driving for Uber and stumbles across this, I hope I persuaded you! xo

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