My Married At First Sight S8 Predictions

One of my new favorite reality TV shows is Lifetime’s Married At First Sight. The show is exactly as you would imagine: couples meet for the first time at the altar. They are matched by professionals and try marriage for six weeks to see how it goes. Sounds like a trainwreck? It usually is.

I started watching season 8 when it premiered a couple of weeks ago; I was so hooked I wanted to watch previous seasons. I just finished watching season 4 and oh. my. word.

Season 8 is only on its fourth episode as of now; the couples are still on their honeymoons at this point. I wanted to give my predictions for these couples now and see how accurate I turn out to be. If you’re a fan and have been watching, read on! Let me know if you agree with me!

Luke & Kate

These two are about as awkward as their wedding photo. Kate is absolutely adorable and seems incredibly sweet and like she’s in it 100%. Luke? Maybe 40%. I think he’s a decent guy but something about him is off to me. Okay, so it’s awkward that they met only three weeks prior and Kate didn’t remember, but I can only assume there are many emotions leading up to a marriage (especially one like this) and it may have caused her to forget. Is that his thing? Is he offended she didn’t remember him? Based on their champagne conversation it seemed like he had liked her but she had semi rejected him through an email.

At their wedding he only kissed her when the minister told him to, and if I remember correctly, it was on the cheek. Then, at the reception, he wouldn’t kiss her when the guests clinked glasses. Kate leaned in and he said they “didn’t have to”. He claims he has a thing against forced intimacy, but I don’t know.

On their honeymoon, Luke’s 40% effort is more and more apparent. As much as Kate is trying, I don’t think they’re destined to go anywhere.

Prediction: Divorce

Will & Jasmine

I’m not entirely invested in them, to be honest. Putting that aside, I thought their wedding and reception went okay. They seemed to like each other and their families meshed well. Things started to break down, though, during the honeymoon. The first sign of trouble was when they went ATV’ing and Jasmine went off the course and began to fall. Will just sat on his ATV and didn’t do anything. Even if I buy his excuse that he couldn’t put the thing in park, shouldn’t he at least express concern? Ask if she’s okay?

Maybe as time goes on that ATV incident wasn’t such a huge deal. Then they had a conversation after dinner that got really awkward. They seem to have very different views on finances. So much so that I already see divorce papers in their future. He thinks that everything financially should be 50/50 and she doesn’t because she wants a provider. In her defense, she didn’t say it would be 100/0. I completely understood what Jasmine was saying on this one, and I think this talk showed that they’re doomed to fail.

Prediction: Divorce

AJ & Stephanie

I actually really like this couple, and I didn’t think I would at first. AJ seemed way too over the top in just about every way. He was so grossly drunk during the bachelor party that I was immediately turned off by him. Even at the wedding itself, he was acting so… goofy. As the show has gone on though he has toned it down and I really like him. He does seem genuinely sweet and the two of them seem into each other. I think they’re matched really well. I’ve enjoyed watching the two of them get to know each other and develop their chemistry. They’re the couple I’m rooting for this season for sure. At the rate they’re going, they seem to be meshing, but anything can happen.

Prediction: Stay married

Keith & Kristine

I’m not sure about these two. There is clear physical attraction, but is there more than that? I don’t think these two have really done much talking about issues that matter, so it’s hard to gauge whether they’re on the same page or not. We’ll find out soon once they’re “forced” to talk about serious topics. One reason I question their durability is his being “spoiled by his grandma” and her calling herself “Queen Kristine”. I’m not sure it’s going to work if both come from spoiled backgrounds. I don’t dislike Keith & Kristine at all, though, and hope they work out. But I’m skeptical.

Prediction: Stay married (at the six weeks) but soon divorce

So there you have it. My predictions for the Married At First Sight Season 8 couples. If you want to watch along with me, the new episodes air on Tuesday nights on Lifetime. It is available, also, on Hulu.

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